"To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible." St. Thomas Aquinas

Thursday, August 12, 2010

When times get tough....remember

Just a quick little tidbit I found inspirational to me.

All of us have those days when we wake up and we just simply do not want to put our feet on the floor.  We are tired, feeling defeated, discouraged and maybe at times wondering, "Is God really there?" 

I have been reading a book entitled, The Lamb's Supper, written by Scott Hahn.  This statement, while it may seem obvious, really struck me, and I have been clinging to it this week--something,that in union with Christ, we can strive to put into action.  Maybe it will encourage you also.

"...we are fighting spiritual forces:  immense, depraved, malevolent forces.  If we had to fight them alone, we'd be trounced.  But here's good news:  there is a way we can hope to overcome.  The solution has to match the problem, spiritual force for spirtual force, immense beauty for immense ugliness, holiness for depravity, love for malevolence..."


Monday, August 2, 2010

Are you what you say you are?

Through out our life most of us make choices to belong to or support different groups or organizations, whether it be civic groups, causes to support, or political groups.  Why do we belong to these different circles?  Most of us would agree it's because we support their cause, believe in the tenants or missions they profess,they bring meaning into our lives and help build up ourselves and others.  Do we ever choose them because we disagree with them? Do we choose an organization we no nothing about?  Most likely, no.  So, why is it that so many people belong to and choose a religious denomination that they don't agree with or even know what it's tenants are?

Because I am Catholic, I am speaking from a Catholic point of view.  So many people profess to be Catholic without even knowing what the church teaches and believes.  I can't imagine belonging to the Music Teachers National Association if I didn't know anything about music and if I didn't like music- or belonging to the MTNA and deciding that I'm only going to learn music notes, but not music theory.  I wouldn't be a very effective member and wouldn't experience all the group has to offer.

I guess this post may come off as a ranting, but I am so frustrated by individuals who profess to be something, such as Catholic, but then proceed to pick apart which teachings they want to follow (usually picking the teachings that don't put a damper on their lifestyle).  Now, granted there are those who come into the faith and are still learning, I understand that faith is a journey.  I am speaking to those that know, but ignore, or those who misinform others what the teachings and beliefs of the faith are--as if there is a choice. 

We are all at different places in our lives.  We all need prayer, we all need guidance.  I challenge you (myself included) to not take your faith, whatever denomination you are, for granted.  Know what your faith teaches, don't be afraid to practice what your faith teaches. Your faith should filter into every aspect of your life-not just for Sunday.  Don't be a cafeteria Catholic or a cafeteria Protestant.  If you belong to something-practice what it teaches, and don't water down your faith to fit your wants.  Many people have suffered and died for their faith, would we be willing to do the same?